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Superslick Saxophone Body Swab Cotton Pull-Through washable very absorbant


Superslick Saxophone Body Swab, Cotton Pull-Through 14″ x 14″, 100% Cotton Our Superslick Saxophone Body Swab is an absorbent, cotton swab with 4″ foam circle and 45″ weighted pull-through string. Coated weight protects your instrument. Easily fits in your instrument case. A maintenance tool must!  Washable and reusable Bag w/header packaging The color can vary based on item availability. 

Ultra Pure Professional Valve Oil Ultra Pure 2 oz Pistons Rotors fast valve action


Ultra Pure Profesional Valve Oil  2 oz bottle Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil has a fast, light, and silky-smooth feel that players love. It is synthetic, odorless, and very long-lasting.  Our Professional valve oil is the standard weight and is perfect for most instruments. It works well on pistons and rotors. This style bottle does not have a child-resistant cap and is intended for households...

Musician Gear Garage Valve Oil Al Cass FAST 2 oz Valve Slide Key Oil Odorless


Trumpet Valve Oil Key Oil Clear Valve Oil Al Cass Valve & Key Oil Al Cass Fast Valve Oil is a multi-purpose, odorless lubricant. Designed to lubricate valves, slides, or keys. Comes in a 2oz bottle with a dropper tip.

Musician Gear Garage Al Cass Fast Valve, Slide, and Key Oil (2-count)


Trumpet Valve Oil Key Oil Valve Oil Al Cass Valve & Key Oil (2 bottles) Al Cass Fast Valve Oil is a multi-purpose, odorless lubricant. Designed to lubricate valves, slides, or keys. Comes in a 2oz bottle with a dropper tip.

Musician Gear Garage Hetman 11 Light Key Oil Synthetic Bearing Stem Fast


  Synthetic Key Oil Needle Oiler Hetman Rotor Oil Needle Key Rotor Oil Spindle Oil Hetman Light Rotor Oil 11 Synthetic Lubricant Hetman Rotor Lubricant is for musical instrument rotors and valve casings. The formula improves valve seal and will not swell rubber valve bumpers. The included long-tipped precision needle oiler facilitates application of Hetman Rotor Lubricant through slide tubes.

Hetman Synthetic Classic Piston Lubricant 3 Valve Oil


Trumpet Valve Oil Synthetic Valve Oil   Hetman Classic 3 Piston Lubricant Synthetic Synthetic protection for your classic instrument. Specially formulated oil helps to seal piston valves that exhibit greater than average clearance. Helps prevent valves from sticking 60ml bottle with dropper tip

Musician Gear Garage Hetman 1 Valve Oil Light Piston Lubricant Synthetic Trumpet


  Trumpet Valve Oil Valve Oil Light Synthetic Valve Oil close tolerance Valve Oil   Hetman Piston Valve Oil – Light Specifically formulated for close tolerance piston valves. 60ml bottle with dropper tip.

Hetman Synthetic Heavy Key Oil Lubricant 18 Needle Oiler


  Synthetic Key Oil Rotor Oil Hetman Key Oil Heavy Saxophone Oil Clarinet Oil French Horn Oil Flute Oil Trombone Oil Hetman Key Oil – Heavy #18  A synthetic key lubricant engineered for instruments with worn actions and instruments that characteristically exhibit greater action tolerance. Quiets noisy keys and dampens sympathetic vibrations without slowing the instrument’s action. 30ml bottle with...

Superslick Tuning Slide Grease .35oz Light Weight Smooth


Superslick Tuning Slide Grease, .35 oz This specially formulated light-weight, buttery smooth grease will keep clean tuning slides moving freely, smoothly, longer. Offers an airtight seal around tuning slide valves while providing excellent lubrication. .35 oz  polycon jar w/cap.

Blue Juice Valve Oil Fast Action 2 oz


Blue Juice Valve Oil Trumpet 1 purchase is for 1 bottle of Blue Juice valve oil 2 oz bottle size One of the most popular valve oils that we sell. Blue Juice has many great features besides its blueish Green color. Blue Juice Valve Oil is also light, fast, and a refined petroleum product that's especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument...

Superslick Alpha Synth Premium Synthetic Valve and Rotor Oil 2 oz 60mL Light Viscosity


Superslick AlphaSynth Light Viscosity Valve & Rotor Oil Superslick’s AlphaSynth Valve & Rotor Oil is the perfect balance between odorless high-quality synthetic lubricants and a synthetic solvent, blended to a light viscosity. This unique balance cleans the valve or rotor while lubricating so that the player can keep on playing! The lubricant also will not stain and has a high...

Superslick Bell Cover Saxophone Trumpet Clarinet Trombone


Available in 2 sizesSuperslick bell covers are made from a high-quality double-brushed cotton cloth weave that will not scratch instrument surfaces and tie easily with the nylon drawstring cord.  These covers will not impact the intonation of the instrument and have minimal-to-no resistance when playing.  The non-stretchy material ensures even coverage surrounding the bell and can secure tightly around most...

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