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Saxophone Pad Treatment Sticky Ultimate by Mamco  Flute Clarinet Oboe Saxophone Pad Treatment Sticky Ultimate by Mamco  Flute Clarinet Oboe

Saxophone Pad Treatment Sticky Ultimate by Mamco Flute Clarinet Oboe

$12.95 $10.95

Saxophone Sticky Pad Life Mamco The Ultimate Flute Clarinet Oboe Treatment Pad Life was developed to help eliminate sticking pads and clean the tone holes of the 'waxy build up' that happens with leather pads.  The philosophy of Pad Life is to keep the 'pores' of the leather clean and open so that the moisture can pass through the leather...

VITO Clarinet Plastic body good pads recently serviced plays well USED


Vito Student Clarinet - USED SN - B5335XX Plastic Body for most better durability Nickel silver plated key work Good cork  between each joint that is not overly compressed Our Repair shop replaced any pads which had ripped skins and adjusted keys throughout Clarinet plays nicely from Low F and all notes up 2 octaves to top trill keys generic...

Yamaha YCL-24II Clarinet New Cork Recently Serviced Plays Well w/case USED


Yamaha YCL-24II Clarinet USED Plastic Resin body for strength and good acoustics New cork on the tenons between each joint Clarinet went through our repair shop and any defective pads were replaced Included: Case as shown in pictures, stock mouthpiece, metal ligature, 2 reeds, and 1 tube of cork grease All bottom right and left pinky low notes play equally...

LeBlanc LL Clarinet Wood Professional All New Pads Recently Serviced USED


LeBlanc Professional Wood Clarinet USED   Model:  LL Clarinet was disassembled and full repad with Music Medic high end black synthetic pads with cork pads on the top A & G# trill throat notes. These pads are expected to have a longer lifespan and are not affected by moisture & temperature SN - 295XX matching top & bottom joints dates...

Henry Pourcelle Clarinet Wood Simple Keyed in Key of A Needs Repad As Is USED


  Henry Pourcelle Clarinet USED “Henry Pourcelle” was a trade name used for clarinet sold by Charles Bruno & Son in New York.  Keyed to A Wood Body Simple key layout Clarinet is NOT playable & Requires a full repad & new cork on tenons(between joints Clarinet measures 23 3/4 inches from the bottom of the bell to the top...

Noblet France Clarinet Made of Wood LeBlanc Recently Serviced Plays Well USED


Noblet France Wood Clarinet USED Made in France SN 306X Model 45 New Cork installed between each section Full inspection in our repair shop and all pads show no skin rips and are sealing well Play test shows left and right pinky low notes play equally well and that 2 1/2 octaves of notes can be played chromatically with minimal...

Jean Paul Clarinet Plastic Body Minor Tune Up AS IS USED


Jean Paul Clarinet Plastic Body USED SN - CL-7373 SOLD AS-IS Major plating loss on keys - (see pictures) Cork between joints seal well + not overly compressed Play-Test showed Left + Right pinky Low notes played on both octaves SOLD AS-IS- The Clarinet did not receive any new pads or any repair service. in our shop. We did  Play-test...

VITO 7214 Clarinet Plastic Reso Tone NEW MTS Case All New Pads New Cork USED


VITO 7214 Clarinet USED Plastic Body Brand NEW MTS hard plastic case Full disassembly and polishing of all keys Nickel Plated keys show no plating loss All new adjustment materials (see pictures) All new pads under each key Plays well on both octaves up to the 2nd-octave throat notes The Left & Right Pinky notes play equally well on both...

Yamaha 20 Clarinet Plastic Recently Serviced Plays Well Good Pads USED


Yamaha 20 Clarinet Plastic Body USED Plastic Body Nickel Plating on keys shows no visible wear loss Good Pads throughout the Clarinet All new cork on all 3 tenons (between joints) Plays well, both octaves from the top throat notes down to the bottom of the Left and Right low Pinky notes play equally well Yamaha plastic case in good...