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Al Cass Fast Valve Oil Pack of 6 bottles


Al Cass Fast Valve, Slide and Key Oil, 2 oz. Al Cass Fast Valve Oil is a multi-purpose, odorless lubricant. Designed to lubricate valves, slides, or keys. Comes in a 2oz bottle with dropper tip.   1 purchase is for 6 bottles 

Getzen Trumpet Valve Springs Fits most Models like 300, 400 series Capri & Eterna set of (3)


Getzen Trumpet Valve Springs Fits most Models like 300, 400 series Capri & Eterna set of (3)  

Superslick Tuning Slide Grease Blue Juice Valve Oil


  1 Purchase is for 1  bottle of Blue Juice Valve Oil (2oz) & 1 tub of Superslick Slide grease Blue Juice Valve Oil is a light, fast, refined petroleum product that’s especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument valves. What distinguishes Blue Juice valve oil-aside from its distinctive blue coloring-is that it delivers an anti-corrosion agent for extra protection. 2...

Ultra Pure Regular Tuning Slide Lube Grease 9ml


Ultra-Pure Regular Tuning Slide Lube, 9ml Ultra-Pure Regular Tuning Slide Lube is a safe, all-synthetic grease that is used on all slides of brass instruments. Apply fresh each week for best results.  For pro horns, we recommend our Light Tuning Slide Lube for the 1st and 3rd slides which must move easier and faster, but this Regular lube is perfect for...

OLDS Trumpet Valve Kit Ambassador Spring Felt Washer Valve Guide NEW


Olds Trumpet & Cornet Ambassador and other professional models such as Mendez This kit is everything to rebuild vintage OLDS valves.  This kit includes: 3 new springs 3 green top cap felt 3 cork and 3 green felt stem washers 2 black foam spit valve pads 3 Valve Guides The original Brass Valve Guides are no longer available from our...

Superslick FAST Valve Oil Light Viscosity 2 oz


Superslick FAST Valve Oil, Light Viscosity – 2 oz Superslick FAST Valve Oil – Light viscosity valve oil specially formulated for extremely fast valve action and long-lasting performance, without a gunky buildup. Odorless, non-toxic and safe for classroom use! Clear oval bottle with controlled dropper  tip and cap, 2 oz (60 mL) size.

Yamaha Trumpet Advantage 200-AD Minor Dings Recently Serviced Plays Well USED


Yamaha Trumpet Advantage 200-AD  USED Gold Lacquer finish with minor scratches and blemishes (see pictures) 2 dings upon inspection are shown with red circles on the pictures Valve plating is good with no major plating wear 4 tuning slides move freely Full disassembly chemical cleaning completed by our repair shop Included: Yamaha case as shown in pictures, Valve Oil, Slide...

OLDS Ambassador Trumpet As-Is Lacquer spotted Minor Dings Used


OLDS Ambassador (F.E. OLDS) Trumpet USED Lacquer is spotted through with numerous tarnish spots (see pictures) 2 noticeable small dings 1 on the lead pipe and the other on the bell crook (back curve) (circled in pictures) Valve Plating is good for age of trumpet Sold AS-IS because valve 1 sticks at the bottom of the valve action and will...

Besson Brevete Trumpet Made in England 50 Medals of Honours USED


Besson Brevete Trumpet USED Made in England  Bell shows "50 medals of Honours" & "LONDON-PARIS-NEW YORK" Valve plating good (see picture) slides move freely Minor dings (circled pictures) Bell flare has minor waves indicating a previous dent repair Lacquer is spotted and shows nice aging  very cool finish The included Yamaha case included rough latches work 0 recommend a new...

BACH Trumpet Valve Springs set of 3


BACH Trumpet Valve Springs 1 purchase is for 3 springs

Superslick AlphaSynth Tuning Slide Grease Synthetic qty 2


Superslick AlphaSynth Tuning Slide Grease Superslick’s AlphaSynth Tuning Slide Grease contains high quality base synthetic components and creates a nice balance between tuning slide lubrication and friction to remain in place. The long-lasting formula also resists oxidation and corrosion on slides. Conveniently filled in a small tub, AlphaSynth Tuning Slide Grease makes it easy to apply the desired amount on...

OLDS Ambassador Cornet F.E. OLDS Lacquer Spotted Plays Well Recent Service USED


OLDS Ambassador Cornet  F.E. OLDS Lacquer Spotted Plays Well Recent Service USED This Cornet was made in Fullert, CA as engraved on the bell. The lacquer is spotted throughout (see pictures) No visible dents with a minor ripple inside the bell (see circled picture) Valves overall have good plating with minor staining on 1 valve (see pictures) Our repair shop...

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