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Saxophone Pad Treatment Sticky Ultimate by Mamco  Flute Clarinet Oboe Saxophone Pad Treatment Sticky Ultimate by Mamco  Flute Clarinet Oboe

Saxophone Pad Treatment Sticky Ultimate by Mamco Flute Clarinet Oboe

$12.95 $10.95

Saxophone Sticky Pad Life Mamco The Ultimate Flute Clarinet Oboe Treatment Pad Life was developed to help eliminate sticking pads and clean the tone holes of the 'waxy build up' that happens with leather pads.  The philosophy of Pad Life is to keep the 'pores' of the leather clean and open so that the moisture can pass through the leather...

Faxx Flute Thumb Positioner Thumb Guide


Faxx Flute Thumb Positioner Quality Flute Thumb Positioner, Thumb GuideClam Shell packaging

WM. S. Haynes Flute Amadeus AF-500 Recently Serviced NICE Condition Used


WM. S. Haynes Amadeus Flute AF-500 Used This flute has a Sterling Silver Lip and Riser with Silver plated Head Joint, Body Tube, and keys. It comes with an offset G and low C foot joint. The Amadeus headjoint is designed to provide a stable foundation to channel a growing flutist's confidence. Our Repair shop disassembled this flute, installed a new Head...

Trevor James Flute 10XE 925 Silver Lip Plate Riser Recently Serviced Used


  Trevor James Flute 10XE  USED  This is the perfect 'first' flute for the new player or those returning to the instrument after a few years away.  The TJ10x flute is a very free blowing and high quality silver-plated instrument with the added value of having a 925 silver lip plate and riser. "Y" key arms All pads show very little wear, new head joint...

Jupiter diMEDICI Flute Design Altus JFL-911R Sterling Silver All New Pads USED


Designed by Altus (shown at the top of the body tube) Open Hole Keys (Silicone plugs included) Inline G Complete Disassembly, all new pads and new head cork installed New adjustment materials were replaced as required Plays well both octaves down to low B All 3 fingerings of Bb play equally welll Inline G B Foot Joint Sterling Silver Head...

Armstrong Piccolo Elkhart IN Plastic Plays Well Recently Serviced USED


Armstrong Piccolo Plastic Body  USED Made in Elkhart, Indiana SN - 25  372XX Piccolo was disassembled, silver was hand polished, and fresh clean woodwind key oil was added on reassembly. All pads show no skin rips New Head cork installed Piccolo Plays well down to low D and low Eb with minimal air support, all notes chromatically up 2 octaves,...

Yamaha YFL-281 Flute Silver Open Hole In Line G Step Up Recently Serviced USED


Yamaha YFL-281 Flute Silver Open Hole In Line Step Up Recently Serviced USED   Featuring the same high-grade design and craftsmanship as the 300 and 400 series models, 200 Series Flutes are made of durable nickel silver with an attractive silver-plate finish. They are characterized by excellent response and intonation.    Minor scratches on silver plating. New head cork installed,...

WMS Haynes Amadeus Flute AF500 Closed Hole Plays Well Recently Serviced USED


WMS Haynes Amadeus Flute AF500 USED Silver Lip Plate and Riser Silver Plated Body and Keys Stainless Steel Springs Drawn Tone Holes Low C foot joint Offset G Advance Student Model The WMS Haynes Amadeus Flute AF 500 just came out of our repair shop. To make sure it was in top shape, we replaced any pads that showed signs...

OLDS Flute Elkhart Indiana Custom Gemeinhardt 52SP Stencil Recent Serviced USED


OLDS Flute made in Elkhart Indiana - USED Flute is engrave Elkhart Indiana on the barrell and was made by Gemeinhardt and is identical to their 52-sp model Offest G Silver plated Head Joint, Body Tube, & Keys Custom Head Joint as engraved (see picture) Silver plating has minor scratches (see pictures) with no noticeable plating loss New Head Joint...

Artley Piccolo 19-P Plastic Body Recently Serviced Good Pads Plays Well USED


Artley Piccolo 19-P SN 336X Flute plays well chromatically down to D and up 2 octaves. 3 fingerings of Bb play equally well. We adjust keys, oiled all mechanisms and installed a new head joint cork. The included hard case ha a broken left latch. The right latch operates normal and will secure the case during shipment. We suggest that...

Selmer USA Flute closed hole USED Recently Serviced Plays Nicely


Selmer USA Flute USED good pads throughout new head cork Ding in Head Joint (circled picture) plays well both octaves, low air support necessary to play to the low Foot Joint notes down to C C foot Joint, silver plated body and head joint  Original Selmer plastic case has normal wear on the inside and scuffs on outside latches and...

Vito Flute 113i Made in Japan by Yamaha Recently Serviced Hand Polished USED


Vito Flute Made in Japan by Yamaha  Our woodwind and brass repair shop fully disassembled this flute and it received our COA (Clean, Oil, & Adjust) service. Any pads with skin rips were replaced with new skinned pads. a new head cork was installed and the body tube was hand polished while disassembled. All key mechanisms were oiled as the...

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