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We service the following Brass and Woodwind instruments:

Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Cornets, Baritones, and Euphoniums

Clarinets, Flutes, Piccolos, Saxophones, Oboes



Clean, Oil, and Adjust

Instrument is inspected for damage and missing or damaged components. Instrument is completely disassembled. Dents, Bent keys, cracks and other potential body damage are assessed & quoted separately and are repaired as needed. The Instrument body is chemically cleaned with environmentally safe products. Pads are examined and replaced as needed. Corks, felts and other adjustment/silencing materials are inspected and replaced as needed. The instrument is reassembled; moving parts are oiled and regulated all pads are adjusted as needed to seal effectively. We also install a new cork in the head joint.

Missing or damaged components will be replaced with manufacturers’ original parts when possible and priced separately.

$140 | Student Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo

$225 | Intermediate & Professional Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo, Wood Clarinet

Play Condition Service

Woodwind octave(s) and all pads are restored to proper operation. Brass instruments are disassembled and given a full chemical flush.

Stuck slides & brass  valve alignments or corrections are an additional charge and priced by quote.

$80 | All Brass & Woodwind Instruments

New pads are priced per pad ($15 - Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo, Oboe & $20 -  Saxophone)

Other Services

$20 | Replace 1 Clarinet or Oboe tenon cork ($50 if all 3 are replaced at the same time)

$25 | Replace saxophone neck cork ($15 if included with another service)

$200 | Complete repad of student closed-hole flute or clarinet

$400 | Complete repad of professional open-hole flute or wood clarinet

$400 | Complete repad of student alto or tenor saxophone

$550 | Complete repad of professional alto or tenor saxophone

$55 | Hourly rate for any services not mentioned above

All dent work is priced by quote only.

Full mechanical rebuilds are priced by quote after the instrument is visually inspected.



Shipping costs to our shop and back to the customer are not included in the above prices. Local drop off from customers in and around Omaha, Nebraska is always recommended and is scheduled by appointment on our website.

All repair work via mail to us will be invoiced to the customer when the repair is complete. The price will include the repair costs & shipping cost of the instrument back to the customer.

All payments must be received before the instrument is resent back to the customer. Pictures of repair will be sent to the customer via email or Facebook messenger upon completion.

Call us to discuss any repair questions:
(402) 259-0888