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Selmer Bundy 2 Alto Saxophone good pads plays well from High F down to Low Bb USED


Selmer Bundy 2 Alto Saxophone All good pads under the keys new neck cork scratches mostly on inside bell, the neck, and the rear around inside of bow and below the thumb hook (As shown in the pictures) Included: Plastic Selmer case in average condition minor scuffs and damage latches operate normally, padded neck strap, cork grease, and a mouthpiece,...

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone NEW great player well built quality case


The Tenor Saxophone�TS-400 is the perfect instrument for beginning and intermediate saxophone players. It�features a beautiful yellow brass body, power forged keys, a strong bell brace for durability, and tapered pivot keys for ease of use.

Soprano Saxophone Jean Paul USA SS-400GP NEW Curved beautiful engraving


Brand NEWThe SS-400GP Gold-Plated Soprano Saxophone is designed for all beginner and intermediate students. It comes with premium accessories and just like all of Jean Paul USA instruments, comes ready to play right out of the box. upgrade soft case curved removable neck natural curve for comfortable playing Includes 1 new reed, stock mouthpiece, ligature, cap, cork grease, and nonpadded...

Jean Paul USA TS-400 USED Display Model no dents lacquer wear in very few spots see pictures


Jean Paul USA TS-400  USED   Used - display model Neck and spot-on bottom bow curve have slight lacquer loss (see pictures) NO Dents  Comes with all original Jean Paul issued accessories: Mouthpiece, metal ligature, cork grease, 1 new reed, and neck strap. Pads are still in New condition  Saxophone went through our repair shop and plays well from High...

Armstrong Tenor Saxophone Model 3040 USED plays nicely new neck cork keys adjusted


Armstrong Tenor Saxophone Model 3040  USED   Plays nicely from left high palm F and all notes down to low Bb New neck cork All pads have life left and no rips on the leather skins - lifespan left estimated 3-5 years  Orginal Armstrong plastic case in average condition for age, all latches, hinges, and handle operate normally Gold lacquer...

CONN 24M Alto Saxophone USED good lacquer finish good pads throughout plays nicely


CONN 24M Alto Saxophone USED SN 7135XXX inor dent and ding in the Bow (bottom curve)  see picture Good Pads on all keys should not need to be replaced for approximately 3-5 years Plays nicely from Left palm High F and all notes down to Low Bb New Neck cork Lacquer Gold finish is in good condition for age, minor...

Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone AS-700 USED Plays well nice finish new neck cork


Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone AS-700  USED SN AD15707XXX Minor gold Lacquer finish wear (bell brace, Strap Ring area, by the bell to body connection bands Bell is straight Good pads throughout non expected to require replacement for approximately 3-5 years New neck cork Plays well all notes from high left palm F down to Low Bb Included: SKB hard case...

VITO Alto Saxophone made by Beaugnier France USED Professional Solid Player minor phyiscal damage


VITO Alto Saxophone made by Beaugnier in France USED This saxophone is the same model that the famous saxophonist Johnny Hodges played. These are very respected models and are very loved by many very talent saxophone players. Lacquer Gold finish has scratches and wear spots throughout the worst part is the side of bell from the players right-hand rubbing Minor...

Selmer Bundy 2 Alto Saxophone USED good pads plays nicely down to Low Bb


Selmer Bundy 2 Alto Saxophone USED Lacquer finish has scratches but overall is still above average for a sax of this age. The bottom bow curve has no dents, lacquer scratches are in the bow, around the thumb hook, side of the bell and other normal wear spots from normal usage minor dings on the bell, neck and a few...

Martin Indiana Alto Saxophone USED finish very spotted complete repad new neck cork


Martin Indiana Alto Saxophone  Serial Number 33XXX dates this to in the 1946-early 1948 range depending which serial number list is checked The Lacquer finish is spotted all over with the worst being the neck this gives this sax a very cool look in our opinion Full disassembly and all new leather pads with metal resonators are installed keys are...

The Wilmington Alto Saxophone by Music Medic NEW


An amazingly solid and well-made saxophone that is not unbelievably expensive. Don�t be fooled by the reasonable price of this outstanding saxophone, it is made thoughtfully and solidly and under the watchful eye of the Sax ProShop.

Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone AS701 USED gold finish scratches, minor dings plays well good pads


Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone AS701 USED Gold Finish has scratches and minor dings (see pictures) Good pads throughout new neck cork Plays well from Left Palm High F down to Low Bb with minimal air support Hard case in good condition, Latches, handle, and hinges operate normal and no tears  on the outside Included: student mouthpiece, ligature, 2 reeds, cork...

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