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Getzen Valve Oil AC-G-100 1.4oz Blue smooth valve action


Getzen Valve Oil  AC-G-100  1.4 o Protect you instrument and play your best! Getzen Valve Oil keeps your piston valves operating smoothly and prevents corrosion and wear from damaging your instrument and affecting your performances. No matter what brand of horn or valve type you use, Gatzen valve oil will prevent the naturally occurring acids in saliva for damaging the...

Al Cass Fast Valve Oil Pack of 6 bottles


Al Cass Fast Valve, Slide and Key Oil, 2 oz. Al Cass Fast Valve Oil is a multi-purpose, odorless lubricant. Designed to lubricate valves, slides, or keys. Comes in a 2oz bottle with dropper tip.   1 purchase is for 6 bottles 

Superslick FAST Valve Oil Light Viscosity 2 oz


Superslick FAST Valve Oil, Light Viscosity – 2 oz Superslick FAST Valve Oil – Light viscosity valve oil specially formulated for extremely fast valve action and long-lasting performance, without a gunky buildup. Odorless, non-toxic and safe for classroom use! Clear oval bottle with controlled dropper  tip and cap, 2 oz (60 mL) size.

Superslick Tuning Slide Grease Blue Juice Valve Oil


  1 Purchase is for 1  bottle of Blue Juice Valve Oil (2oz) & 1 tub of Superslick Slide grease Blue Juice Valve Oil is a light, fast, refined petroleum product that’s especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument valves. What distinguishes Blue Juice valve oil-aside from its distinctive blue coloring-is that it delivers an anti-corrosion agent for extra protection. 2...

Faxx Trumpet Clear Plastic Mouthpiece 3C Cold Weather


  FAXx Trumpet Plastic Mouthpiece 3c  Plastic Faxx mouthpieces are of the highest standard in quality and reliability and rival the famous maker brands.

Blue Juice Valve Oil Fast Action 2 oz Trumpet Green petroleum product


Blue Juice Valve Oil Trumpet 1 purchase is for 1 bottle of Blue Juice valve oil 2 oz bottle size One of the most popular valve oils that we sell. Blue Juice has many great features besides its blueish Green color. Blue Juice Valve Oil is also light, fast, and a refined petroleum product that's especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument...

FAXX Trumpet Mute Warmup Practice Aluminum Compact Store In Bell Inside Case


Faxx Trumpet Warmup / Practice Mute, Aluminum, Compact High-quality aluminum warm-up practice mute in a compact form. The Mute can be stored in the instrument bell in case. The Faxx mute’s unique design helps a player produce the sound and projection needed without compromising intonation or sound quality. Made in the USA. Faxx gives you professional quality with great value!...

Victory Triumph Series Trumpet Victory Musical Instruments NEW


Despite the affordable price, the Triumph Series trumpets are not your average beginner instrument. These trumpets offer great intonation, ergonomics and a killer sound that outplays instruments that cost more than twice the price.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional looking for a budget or backup trumpet, the Triumph Series trumpet will be good enough for just...

F.E. OLDS Trumpet NTR110PC Student Bb 10 year warranty NEW


DescriptionStudent model, .460 bore, brass with clear lacquer, red brass leadpipe, 1st slide thumb hook, stainless steel pistons, 5" bell, 7C mouthpiece, plastic case (10-yr warranty) The Story of Olds instruments really begins in 1908 in California, with a trombone and a trombonist.F. E. Olds had long been interested in trying to improve his favorite instrument. He felt the slide...

Jean Paul USA Trumpet TR-430S Intermediate Silver Plated excellent player solid valves beautifully plated (NEW)


The TR-430S�Silver-Plated body construction makes for a durable and sharp looking instrument. With an Adjustable third trigger, the TR-430S allows for a natural hand position and proper playing technique. It's upgraded highly durable stainless steel piston valves, lengthen the life of the instrument while maximizing sound quality. It comes with everything you need to play right out of the box:...

Selmer Prelude Trumpet TR711 NEW


PreludeMODEL TR711Prelude instruments are brought to you by Conn-Selmer, the largest US manufacturer of band instruments. Prelude represents a premium line of value priced quality musical instruments for today's young players that are made to our exacting specifications. Backed by full warranties and service, Prelude instruments are well suited for players of all ages.FEATURESThe Prelude TR711 Bb trumpet has a...