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Superslick Trumpet maintenance Kit FAST Valve Oil Slide Grease Sanitzer Musician Gear

Musician Gear Garage's Trumpet and all Brass Instrument Maintenance Kit

1 purchase includes 1 each of the following products

- Superslick FAST valve oil 2 oz bottle

- Superslick tuning slide grease .35 oz tub

- Superslick sanitizer spray 2 oz bottle 

Superslick FAST Valve Oil  

Light viscosity valve oil specially formulated for extremely fast valve action and long-lasting performance, 

without a gunky buildup. Odorless, non-toxic and safe for classroom use! 

Clear oval bottle with controlled dropper tip and cap, 2 oz (60 mL) size.

Superslick Tuning Slide Grease, .35 oz

This specially formulated light-weight, buttery smooth grease will keep clean 

tuning slides moving freely, smoothly, longer. Offers an airtight seal around tuning slide 

valves while providing excellent lubrication. .35 oz (XX cm3) polycon jar w/cap.

Superslick Steri-Spray Mouthpiece and Multi-Surface Cleanser

Exclusive, safe and effective for use on non-porous materials and multi-surface such as instruments, 

cases, music stands, chairs, door handles and tables. The active ingredients in this hospital-grade formula effectively and safely cleanse your mouthpiece and instrument of germs. To deodorize and freshen instrument case interiors, lightly spray and allow to air dry.

Convenient 2 oz (60mL) size with fine mist sprayer top fits in most instrument cases.