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The Martin Alto Saxophone Indiana made in Elkhart Plays Well Recently Serviced USED

$654.95 $479.94

This Martin Alto Saxophone, made in Elkhart, Indiana, is a beautifully engraved instrument that has recently been serviced and is ready to play. The saxophone features The Martin and Elkhart Indiana engravings on the bell, as well as RMC and the serial number -63638- on the back below the thumb hook. While there may be some spotted lacquer throughout and a few resoldered tone holes and keyguard posts, this saxophone has been thoroughly checked and adjusted by our repair shop to ensure excellent playability.

We have replaced any pads that were not sealing well and adjusted numerous keys to improve the performance of the bottom notes from Low Eb to Low Bb. Our playtest has confirmed that even the Bell notes can be sub-toned with whisper soft tones. Although some of the aged pads remain, they are currently sealing well, allowing for enjoyable playing while giving you time to prepare for a full repad in the future.

To enhance playability, we have installed a new neck cork and oiled all of the key mechanisms. The saxophone will come with a black hard case that offers secure protection during transport. Additionally, an original metal end plug and Martin mouthpiece are included in this package.

Overall, The Martin Alto Saxophone is a high-quality instrument that plays well and offers a unique vintage appeal.