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Superslick Trumpet Maintenance Kit Valve Oil Slide Grease Sanitizer Spray

Musician Gear Garage's Superslick Trumpet & Brass instrument maintenance ki
Superslick valve oil 1.25 oz bottle
– Valve oil with special additives for long life and fast valve action. Designed for long-lasting performance.

Superslick Tuning Slide Grease .25 oz polycon jar w/cap
– Specially formulated lightweight grease to keep clean tuning slides moving freely, smoothly, longer. Offers an airtight seal around tuning slide valves while providing excellent lubrication.

Superslick Steri-Spray 2 oz Fine Mist Spray Bottle
– Exclusive, safe, and effective formula for use on all materials and surfaces. The active ingredients in this disinfectant make your mouthpiece safe to use by preventing and killing germs. It comes with a spray top for small doses, making it safe to use on children’s mouthpieces too.

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