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OLDS Trumpet Valve Kit Ambassador Spring Felt Washer Valve Guide NEW


Olds Trumpet & Cornet Ambassador and other professional models such as Mendez

This kit is everything to rebuild vintage OLDS valves. 

This kit includes:

3 new springs

3 green top cap felt

3 cork and 3 green felt stem washers

2 black foam spit valve pads

3 Valve Guides

The original Brass Valve Guides are no longer available from our supplier and these Nylon Guides are direct replacements. These are very sturdy and work equally well in our tests in many OLDS vintage Trumpets and Cornets in our repair shop.

We have tested these Valve Guides in the following vintage OLDS Trumpet models:

 Ambassador Trumpet both those made in Los Angeles and Fullerton

Ambassador Cornet made in Los Angeles

Mendez Trumpet made in Fullerton


These can possibly work fine on many other models of Olds trumpet and Cornet valves. The F.E. Olds company during this time used the same valve guides and seats in many of their trumpet models.