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Mazda Oil Filter N3R1-14-302 NEW OEM Subaru FA FB Engines


We have 1 Mazda OEM Oil filters model  N3R1-14-302

We've previously purchased this filter from Mazda for our 2013 Subaru Crosstrek with the FB 2.0 motor. Since we no longer possess this vehicle, we're looking to find the filter a new home.

This filter is made by TOKYO ROKI  and reflects "made in Japan" on the side. While this is a Mazda oil filter it is identical the what Subaru sells in Japan for their F series motors. Please do your own research to make sure this oil filter fits your cars.


Mr. Subaru on YouTube has a video regarding substituting this oil filter when you can't find the Subaru Tokyo Roki filters from Japan. 


This is not, however, the same filter as the blue Subaru filters that are sold in America. Please look up online the difference as most agree that these Toki Rokyo Roki filters are superior to the Blue filters sold by Subaru USA.