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C.G. CONN 1959 6M "Naked Lady" Alto Saxophone Used

$1,595.95 $1,349.95
The C.G. CONN 6M "Naked Lady" alto saxophone, also known as the "Lady Face," is an iconic instrument from its time. It features a distinctive engraving on the bell that has earned it the nickname "Naked Lady." One of its standout qualities is the 'underslung' octave key, which enhances its responsiveness and agility during performances.

While this saxophone does show some signs of cosmetic wear (see pictures with circles on the larger dings), it still delivers a beautiful sound and serves as a remarkable vintage piece. Rest assured, it has been meticulously tested and played by our team of experts in our dedicated repair shop. New neck cork and any heavily soiled or ripped pads were replaced with new. Pads have plastic resonators. We can play chromatically every note from high palm F down to low Bb and also can smoothly play around the low C#, B, and Bb bottom notes.

This instrument comes with a CONN COMET mouthpiece, which the previous owner informed us is the original mouthpiece from when the saxophone was purchased new by their Uncle. So, congratulations! You will be the third owner of this remarkable saxophone. It was originally owned by its first owner, who then sold it to his nephew. Additionally, the saxophone still includes the original leather neck strap, which is still in usable condition.

Serial #: 796880 - dates to 1959 and before the CONN buyout of 1960