Brass Instruments– Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Cornets, Baritones, and Euphoniums

$75 – Disassembly and full acid-based chemical cleaning – additional charges for stuck slides or new parts such as springs, spit valve pads, and missing valve caps. Clean, descale, and lubricate all slides, oil valves $15 more to polish silver. This service alone can drastically improve how the trumpet plays.
​$30 – Stuck trumpet mouthpiece Stuck trumpet slides or valves (price varies based on total labor needed to repair). Call us and we will gladly discuss the approximate price estimate.
Re soldering of broken joints, realignment of the entire trumpet, and another extensive trumpet rebuilding will be priced based on the time to repair.
​If Dad or Grandpa has attempted to remove a stuck mouthpiece or tuning slide and damaged the trumpet it may just cost more to repair.

Seriously though, please call us before normal garage tools are used on a stuck mouthpiece of a brass instrument. Many dads have attempted to remove a stuck mouthpiece and have almost destroyed the trumpet.


Woodwind Instruments – Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes, and Piccolos

$20 – Per Saxophone pad replaced

$15- Per Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo, or Oboe pad replaced.
​ (If all pads needs replaced full repads priced separately see below)

$20- Replace 1 clarinet cork tenon (between body joints) $50 if all 3 are replaced
$25 – Replace saxophone neck cork or replace and adjust flute head cork ($15 if included with another service)
$40 – Sticking pad (flute, Clarinet, and saxophone) (includes cleaning the tone hole and pad, adjusting spring, and if necessary a new pad is installed) Depending which pad additional pads may be required to be replaced when the bad pad is part of the main stack and not 1 pad by itself. Such as the top and bottom stacks of pads on saxophones.

$40 – Adjust octave mechanism (if not already included in another service)
$40 – Adjust (expand or reduce) sax neck tenon or flute foot joint tenon
$75 – Annual maintenance, restore play condition, eliminate leaks, adjust neck octave, oil all mechanisms, and check all keyguard, pivot screws, and screw rods for proper tightness. It also includes the replacement of any missing adjustment materials or felt bumpers. We also address any sticking pads. no additional cost if pads are salvageable and can be cleaned. If any new pads are necessary additional cost will be:

$20 for each new saxophone pad replaced. $15 for each Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, and Oboe pad replaced.

​$130 – Full play condition restore and replace up to 6 pads includes new neck cork (saxophones) or head cork (flutes), Clarinet will receive up to 6 new pads and 1 cork tenon replaced. $20 additional if all 3 cork tenons need to be replaced.

$200 – Complete repad of student/intermediate flute or clarinet
$300 Complete repad of Intermediate Flute
$325 – Complete repad of student alto sax
$400 – Complete repad professional Flute, Clarinet or Alto sax
$450 – Complete repad student tenor sax
$550 – Complete repad professional tenor sax
Full mechanical rebuild or replacement of rods, all adjustment materials, and straightening keys are at additional cost. Complete rebuild of saxophone, clarinet, and flutes are priced by quote only Specialty pads such as Roopads, & Jim Schmidt or specialty resonators will be extra based on quote. Plastic or domed metal resonators are standard available at the above prices and the same as existing on the sax will be used unless customer requests differently. Dent work on all instruments is by quote only.
​Shipping costs to our shop and back to the customer are not included in the above prices. Local drop off from customers in and around Omaha, Nebraska is always recommended and is scheduled by appointment. Call to schedule an appointment to view and playtest any instruments for sale or to drop off your instrument for repair.
​402 259 0888
​All repair work via mail to us will be invoiced via PayPal and will include the repair costs & shipping of the instrument back to the customer. All payments must be received before the instrument is resent back to the customer. Pictures of repair will be sent to the customer via email or Facebook messenger upon completion.