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Yamaha YTS23 Tenor Saxophone Recently Serviced Minor Dings USED


Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Saxophone - USED

This saxophone went through our repair shop and received a few new pads including the low Eb and new neck cork and is chromatically playing all notes well from left palm High F down to Lowest Bb.  We can subtone Low D to Low Bb with minimal air needed. 


Minor scratches throughout including the neck (see pictures) all as normal condition for the age of the sax with normal usage.

We also oiled all key mechanisms and have the neck adjusted so that it closes 100% at G. We also play tested notes above palm F and we easily hit everything up to B (3 whole notes above F) 


The Yamaha hard case functions with both hinges & latches and the handle operates normally. The inside velour has the typical wear for an instrument of this age. The outside covering is de-laminating as shown in the pictures.

Minor dings and dents in the bow and Bell (see pictures) Bow is not all smashed in and minor dings do not affect playability.