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Yamaha Soprano Saxophone YSS-675S Silver Plated Recently Serviced play well USED


Yamaha Soprano Saxophone YSS-675S 

This saxophone is being sold on Consignment. Our Repair shop has been tuning this saxophone regularly for the past 5-6 years. The key work is tight with no sloppy key action. We have replaced a few pads over the years and did fully disassemble the saxophone 2 years ago to hand polish the silver plating. There is minor tarnish appearing again around the tone holes but nothing excessive.


The saxophone plays very well down to low Bb. Our play-test can easily sub tone from Low Eb down to Bb and also play up 2 1/2 octaves far into altissimo range. Its owner is a very respected professional player that purchased this saxophone new. 


The silver plated version of the YSS-675 are much less available and as shown in the picture the bell has a beautiful engraving. 


We have gone through this saxophone again and added teflon adjust material on a few of the sliding keys to quiet the key action. We oiled all key mechanisms and all pads are sealing.

 Included: Rico B7 mouthpiece, metal ligature, Curved and Straight neck, original Yamaha high end hard case in nice condition with only minor scuffs on the outside and silver tarnish on the inside velour (see pictures)