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WM. S. Haynes Flute Amadeus AF-500 Recently Serviced NICE Condition Used


WM. S. Haynes Amadeus Flute AF-500 Used

This flute has a Sterling Silver Lip and Riser with Silver plated Head Joint, Body Tube, and keys. It comes with an offset G and low C foot joint.

The Amadeus headjoint is designed to provide a stable foundation to channel a growing flutist's confidence.

Our Repair shop disassembled this flute, installed a new Head Cork, and any pads with skin rips were replaced with new. The flute was then reassembled, all mechanisms oiled and adjusted, and the Flute plays well on both octaves down to the low C foot Joint. 

The silver plating is in nice condition with no visible dents. Original Amadeus hard case is also in nice condition with latches and handle operating normal. Inside velour shows little wear.

Overall, this is one of the nicest used flutes that our store has sold quite a while.