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Vito Flute 113i Made in Japan by Yamaha Recently Serviced Hand Polished USED


Vito Flute Made in Japan by Yamaha 

Our woodwind and brass repair shop fully disassembled this flute and it received our COA (Clean, Oil, & Adjust) service. Any pads with skin rips were replaced with new skinned pads. a new head cork was installed and the body tube was hand polished while disassembled. All key mechanisms were oiled as the flute was reassembled. This flute has closed keys and a C foot joint.

Our play test was able to easily play down to the Low Eb, C#, & C Foot Joint notes. We also played up all chromatic notes for 2 octaves. We have adjusted the flute so that all 3 Bb fingerings play equally well. 


Included: Gator semi rigid used case with remnants of a prior name on the outside (see picture) and a  tuning/cleaning stick