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Selmer Bundy Clarinet Semi Plateau Partially closed Keys recently serviced USED


Selmer Bundy Clarinet  USED

This Clarinet is what is known as a Semi Plateau model. This means the left and right-hand ring finger keys are semi-closed with the left hand slightly off-center making it much easier to reach the key for players with smaller hands. 

Our Repair shop replaced any keypads that had rips in the skin with new pads. The cork between each joint is supple and not overly compressed. The Clarinet plays down to Low E easily and the left and right-hand pinky keys play equally well. The Clarinet plays all chromatic notes up to 2 octaves up to the top throat notes.

 Included: original H.A. Selmer hard case, latches, and handle operate normally inside has typical wear in the velour and outside scuffs (see pictures), stock mouthpiece, 2 reeds, and cork grease.