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Ridenour 147 Clarinet Hard Rubber (USED) recently serviced excellent intonation


Ridenour 147 Clarinet Hard Rubber  (USED) 

  • Designed by the famous Tom Ridenour
  • The Hard Rubber body tube is not plastic or wood and is not prone to cracks or breakage
  • Contoured thumb register key for very comfortable playing 
  • The Defective keypads were replaced and keys were adjusted in our repair shop
  • The cork between each joint is supple and not overly compressed
  • Included: stock mouthpiece, metal ligature, cork grease, and 2 new reeds

This Clarinet plays with the superb intonation that Ridenour Clarinets are known for. The included mouthpiece and barrel play even the bottom low E1 & F1 very in tune via a KORG tuner set at A440. up both octaves and even the same right pinky keys for the C2 & B2 notes also play very in tune. Having these bottom keys on a  clarinet play in tune is virtually impossible on other brands of Clarinet sold.

The original Ridenour 147 hard plastic case is in decent condition for its age and latches and the handle operates normally.