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OLDS Special Professional Trumpet Chem Flush plays well recently serviced USED


OLDS Special Professional Trumpet

  • Plays very well and slots superbly between each note
  • Very little lacquer left on the entire bell and tuning slides, Most Lacquer intact on the Valve cluster
  • The trumpet was disassembled, Chem Flushed and slides were Ultra Sonically cleaned
  • Valves play with no hesitation and new valve top felt was installed
  • We did not mechanically buff the bare brass parts. We hand polished them with a microfiber cloth and also applied Johnson's Paste Wax to help delay the brass tarnishing. 
  • The OLDS hard case is in remarkable condition with all latches, and hinges operating normally. The handle is very strong 
  • Included: OLDS 3 mouthpiece, Valve Oil, & Tuning Slide Grease
  • The trumpet comes with the original OLDS warranty card also