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OLDS Flute Elkhart Indiana Custom Gemeinhardt 52SP Stencil Recent Serviced USED


OLDS Flute made in Elkhart Indiana - USED

  • Flute is engrave Elkhart Indiana on the barrell and was made by Gemeinhardt and is identical to their 52-sp model
  • Offest G
  • Silver plated Head Joint, Body Tube, & Keys
  • Custom Head Joint as engraved (see picture)
  • Silver plating has minor scratches (see pictures) with no noticeable plating loss
  • New Head Joint Cork installed
  • All pads throughout are in good condition with none with skin rips
  • Hard plastic case appears is from MTS company but no name found to confirm this. Case has minor wear on inside and scuffs on outside (see picture)
  • This flute plays well down to its low C foot joint and up 2 octaves, all 3 fingerings of Bb play equally well