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Oboe Noblet Paris Leblanc Wood Silver Plated Keys Good Pads AS-IS USED

Used Oboe for Sale Noblet Oboe for Sale Noblet for Sale Leblanc Oboe for Sale As-IS USED

Noblet Paris Oboe by Leblanc Wood Body and Silver Plated Keys, Made in France as engraved in the body (see pictures) This Oboe had a recent repad and received cork on the top joint and mostly white Leather pads on the bottom joint. This flute was playing wonderful when it was repadded. Its owner played it a couple years and now the Oboe is back available for sale. Our play test showed we could play down to the bottom of the instrument but the 2nd octave notes could play better. We have priced this Oboe accordingly for its current condition. This way the buyer can have this Oboe to receive a Play Condition service. Made in France by the Leblance company these wood Oboes are respected as step up models and are highly recomended by the Oboe teachers that we work with.

We see no cracks in the wood body or any prior crack pinning repair.