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KING Zephyr Alto Saophone Professional Good Condition For Age Recently Serviced USED


KING Zephyr Alto Saxophone Professional USED

  • SN - 3977XX - made in 1961-1964 depending on which serial number list is checked
  • Dings throughout but no major dents as shown in pictures
  • Bell Lip + Flare is straight with no obvious prior damage
  • Lacquer finish spotting throughout  - typical from normal usage + a horn made in the 1960s

This Saxophone has been in our repair shop for 4-5 years. It has been played by dozens of professional saxophonists. We have also let many professionals borrow this sax to play on stage publicly. We have received tons of compliments about how well it plays. 

The finish is very spotted as is typical for an instrument from the 1960s. minor dings but no major dents. Check the picture of the bow, Bell, as they indicate the good condition this saxophone is in. The bow guard has minor ding in it but not any deep dents in the bow (see picture) 


We have changed numerous pads over the years and it did receive a completed service on a yearly basis. This saxophone lived on a saxophone stand and was open for any customer to play test it and why we received positive feedback.  It hasn't had a complete repad in our shop we just replaced pads when severe leaks appeared or heavily soiled or damaged.