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Getzen 300 Trumpet Lacquer Spotted Recently Serviced Plays Well USED


Getzen 300 Trumpet USED

This Trumpet has free-moving tuning slides, and Nickel-plated valves show very little wear (see picture). Valve play with no hesitation and the horn has good compression when checked with our Magnehlic pressure tester.

The trumpet was disassembled and received a chemical flush. The included hard case is worn inside and out with latches and the handle operates normally. 

Minor ding in the #2 tuning slide (see circled picture)

Lacquer loss throughout with the worst of lacquer damage on the outside and inside of the bell (see picture)

The trumpet plays well from low C and chromatically all notes up to double high C

 Included: Case, Trumpet, stock mouthpiece, valve oil, & tuning slide grease