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Flugel Horn by Gear4Music Display Model Plays Well Monel Valves FGH-100FGH-100


Flugel Horn by Gear4music Display Model Plays Well  Key Features

  • Includes Mobile 3rd Valve With Smooth Trigger
  • Gold Lacquered Finish
  • Monel Piston Valves As Standard
  • In The Key Of Bb


  • Finish: Gold lacquered
  • Trigger: 3rd Valve
  • Leadpipe: Tuneable
  • Valves: Monel piston
  • Water keys: 3
  • Bore Size: 10.5mm
  • Bell Size: 153mm

Minor Crease in the Bell (see picture red circle)

 This horn was bought new 2 years ago from Gear 4 Music and was on display in our Brass and Woodwind repair shop for customers to play while we repaired their instrument. A customer barely hit a metal music stand and it left the bell flare mark shown circled in the picture.