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Loree Paris Oboe Wood Professional Full Conservatory USED recently serviced

$2,495.95 $1,895.00
  • Oboes

F. Loree Paris Wood Oboe  USED

  • SN HI 30
  • Depending which online serial number list is checked this SN dates this oboe to around 1985-86
  • NO visible cracks in the wood body
  • New cork on both tenons and on the thumb tab
  • Jean Cavallare soft external carrying case included zipper operates normally
  • Cork pads throughout all keys except the bottom 2 keys which have traditional skinned pads. All pads are in good condition with many additional years of life left depending on how well the player maintains this Oboe
  • We have checked this Oboe on our Magnehelic meter and when all pads are closed with minimal pressure this oboe is reading "0" verifying this Oboe has no leaks in the tenons, pads, and the wood body.
  • All key mechanisms have been oiled and this Oboe has been playtested - All notes for 2 full octaves down to the lowest bottom notes play with minimal air support
  • 1 new traditional bamboo reed will be included.