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Eastman ETR-520S Trumpet Intermediate Upgrade Hand spun Bell Beautiful Engraving


Eastman ETR-520S  Silver Plated Trumpet

  • Intermediate/Semi-Professional model
  • Minor Silver plating wear on the #2 tuning slide, on the back bell bow (curve), and minor scratches throughout (see pictures)
  • The trumpet has a minor ding on the back bell bow(curve) no major dents
  • Hand Spun Bell per Eastman's original literature
  • Beautiful Bell Engraving (see pictures)
  • The trumpet was disassembled, full chemical flush, silver dipped the body and slides, and hand polished all silver plating. 
  • Valves play freely without hesitation and include new top felt
  • All 4 tuning slides move freely including the #1 with its saddle