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Buescher Aristocrat 200 Alto Saxophone Recently Serviced USED


Buescher Aristocrat 200 Alto Saxophone Recently Serviced USED

Musician Gear Garage LLC is proud to offer you a Buescher Aristocrat 200 Alto Saxophone USED. This used saxophone has been through the rigors of our Woodwind Repair Shop and is ready for performance. The pads were thoroughly inspected and none have any pad leather skin rips, while all key mechanisms have been oiled. For your convenience, we have even included a stock mouthpiece, metal ligature, two reeds, and a neck strap.

Its plastic case also operates normally with both hinges, latches, and handles working perfectly. With few minor scratches and dings expected of an instrument at this stage of its life, this classic saxophone has only a shallow dent in the bow (highlighted in the picture with the red circle). And after passing the playtest with flying colors—requiring moderate air support for notes from left palm high F down to Low Bb—we can guarantee excellent sound quality.

So don't miss out on this great opportunity! Trust Musician Gear Garage LLC to supply you with quality used saxophones that are sure to become timeless classics. You won't regret it!