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Blessing Trumpet B-127 Intermediate Gold Lacquer decent condition for age USED


Blessing Trumpet B-127 USED


  • Gold Lacquer has scratches and blemishes, However, overall still in good condition for this Trumpets Age
  • This Blessing Trumpet was made by the Blessing USA company before the company name was sold around 2012
  • Valve Plating is very good for age (see pictures of valves)
  • All 4 slides move freely
  • This B-127 is a step-up model with the 1st slide saddle option
  • slides are freshly grease
  • Very minor dings mostly in the bell flare. Most didn't pick up well in the pictures and are hardly noticeable
  • Included: Hard plastic case in average condition all latches, hinges, and handle operate normally
  • Case latches have rush but still operate normally
  • Inside Velour is worn but still in decent condition for age (see picture)
  • Chemically flushes and valve port holes and head tube are clean without any buildup
  • Trumpet plays nicely with zero valve hesitation. 1st and 3rd slides with the saddle and ring move freely