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Besson Trombone 639 Small Bore Recently Serviced Chem Flushed USED

This Besson Trombone 639 is a used instrument that has been recently serviced and chemically flushed in our repair shop. Despite its small bore, this trombone delivers exceptional sound quality and performance. It does have some cosmetic flaws, such as dents on the tuning slide and a small dent where the bumper meets the crook/curve of the main playing slide. The plastic hard case included with this trombone is functional, with all latches and handles in normal working condition. However, there is minor wear on the velour inside and the flap for the mouthpiece is delaminating. The main playing slide moves freely in all seven positions without any hesitation or sticking. The plating on the inside playing slide, including on the stockings, is in good condition. There are some lacquer spotting throughout the instrument, which can be seen by zooming in on the provided pictures. Overall, this Besson Trombone 639 offers a great value for musicians looking for a reliable and well-maintained used instrument.