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BACH Stradivarius 43 Trumpet USED Silver Plated full chemical clean slides free and valves play without hesitation


BACH Stradivarius 43 Trumpet

  • Silver Plated - no noticeable plating loss very minor scratches from normal usage (see pictures)
  • 4 tuning slides move freely and are freshly greased
  • The trumpet was disassembled and received a full chemical flush
  • Silver plating was silver dipped and hand-polished (no mechanical polishing)
  • All 3 valves play freely and with no hesitation
  • Serial Number  4041XX  (Dates to around 1967-1969 depending on which list is checked
  • The trumpet is almost completely dent-free. There is a minor ding on the 3rd tuning slide crook (see pictures) however, on inspection we see no dents elsewhere. Also, the bell is straight and shows no signs of having a previous repair.  (see pictures)
  • Included: Original BACH hard case, 2 mouthpieces (7c & 3c),  Trumpet, Valve oil, and slide grease.