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Antigua Winds Alto Saxophone Recently Serviced Plays Well Used


Antigua Winds Alto Saxophone USED

Our Woodwind repair went through this saxophone. We replaced all pads which had any major wear or leather skin rips. We also installed a new neck cork and have adjusted the keys so that all pads are sealing. We play tested and can play all bottom notes from D to Low Bb easily. We also are able to chromatically play all notes up to Altisimo A on this saxophone. The saxophone has typical scratches throughout (see pictures) Along with a small dent under the post around the low Eb. Overall this is a pretty nice saxophone for its age we do not see a model number anywhere we checked on this saxophone including the bottom rear by the serial number. We have sold 100's of Antigua Winds saxophones over the past 10 years and they are very well made and to date we have only resoldered 2 posts on  the 100's of Antigua Winds saxophones we have either sold or repaired for customers. These play with good intonation and as is shown in the pictures the gold lacquer has held up remarkable well for a saxophone that is approximately 10 years old in our research.


Included Protect Professional contoured semi hard case with staining on 1 side (see picture) zipper and handles operate normally. The case has worn and staining on the inside velour and shows usage. However, these cases are very well made and the zippers also hold up very well. We have many professional saxophone customers who use these well made Protect cases.


Included: stock mouthpiece, 2 new reeds, neck strap, and cork grease