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Antigua Winds 3000 series Intermediate recently serviced plays nicely USED

$649.95 $524.95

Antigua Winds 3200 Series Intermediate  USED


  • Made in Taiwan
  • Intermediate Step Up model that has very good intonation when played with the correct well-designed mouthpiece
  • Beautiful Bell Engraving
  • Good pads throughout and any that were badly aged or damaged were replaced
  • Lacquer wear on the bell and bow (see pictures)
  • Plastic thumb hook for comfort
  • Good keypads throughout - Lifespan is expected 3-5 years contingent on the player using proper maintenance technique
  • New neck cork
  • The original professional hard case is made of very strong plastic with robust metal banding and thick handle on the side and also the end to make this case easier to grab from a shelf or load under a bus for higher school students or adult players Case has minor scuffs on outside, inside lining is still very nice with no noticeable rips