​About Muscian Gear Garage LLC
Chad, the owner of Musician Gear Garage, has a mission to bring beautiful music into the world.
His passion for music began at the age of six, when the melodic notes of the family piano first struck his curiosity and inspired him to learn the art of composition. His sense of wonder has never wavered. With 35 years of experience as a musician, Chad has mastered a myriad of instruments including the piano, trumpet, and saxophone. However, he also plays trombone, clarinet, and flute and the occasional french horn.
Chad’s natural shift towards instrument repair occurred 14 years ago, when he disassembled his personal 1966 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Saxophone. Sparked by the same curiosity of his childhood, Chad was determined to learn more about the inner workings of his prized instrument. Inspired to save money by performing a complete re pad on his own. Chad describes this first attempt as the most challenging task he’s ever taken on. With the patience, diligence, and passion of an artist, he successfully executed his first saxophone complete re pad and reassembly with his saxophone playing like a dream.
As an independent artisan, Chad tests all his instruments extensively, for many hours over a number of different days. Ensuring that he has thoroughly serviced the horn and no problems will arise for its owner. If a client does find additional adjustments may be necessary after Chad’s comprehensive work, he gladly inspects and fixes the issue swiftly.

We love to deliver a well playing instrument that will be a pleasure for you to play.​

His personal touch for refurbishing and repair does not go unnoticed by his clientele, as one of his recent loyal customers praises.

“Saxophone was better than described. [Chad] stated that it ‘plays nicely’ when in fact it plays fantastically!! Beautifully set up, new pads, felts and cork, fast shipping… I couldn’t be happier.”

“The masterful quality and personal care of Chad’s repair work is a treasure in this modern age. His honesty, communication, love of music, and passion for helping fellow musicians play exceptionally. Serviced instruments are delivered with unmatched values in the instrument repair industry.”

If you have any questions, comments, please contact us at the above CONTACT tab for a prompt response.

Local customers or those willing to drive to Omaha, Nebraska are welcome to play test & purchase our instruments in person by contacting us to schedule an appointment.

We accept all major credit cards, cash & Paypal payments.

Saxophones are shipped with cork under open keys keeping them shut and protected during shipment. Ample packing material in box of all instruments shipped to prevent movement.