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Yamaha Flute 225N Closed Hole Nickel Plated good pads plays well USED


Yamaha Flute 225N USED

SN 0271XXA

  • Nickel Silver plated Head Joint, Foot Joint, Body Tube, & Keys
  • Nickel Plating has minor discoloration in key points from plays Thumb and lip plate. We don't consider this as Nickel Plate loss it is still silver-colored and has a dark hue
  • Dent Free
  • Good Pads Throughout
  • New Head Cork
  • Made in Japan
  • Fully adjusted in our repair shop
  • Playability - 2 octaves of all notes, all 3 Bb key fingerings, and Low C# and Low C play with minimal air support and Low C plays correcting without the help of the Low C# key