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Haynes Flute Boston Mass Schwelm Co Good Pads Recently Serviced Silver Plated


Haynes Schwelm Co Flute  USED

  • SN - 4627XX
  • Silver-plated body,keys, Head and Foot Joints
  • Made in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Flute is in remarkably good condition for its age
  • Silver plating is good with only very minor scratches and dings (see pictures)
  • Plays well both octaves and all notes down to Low C play with minimal air support
  • Low C Foot joint
  • flute was disassembled, all pads inspected and none have skin rips and are expected to last many future years
  • All silver plating was hand polished while flute was disassembled
  • new head cork
  • Original hard case is also in very good condition for age (see pictures)