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Blue Juice Valve Oil Fast Action 2 qty 2 oz Bottles


Blue Juice Valve Oil Trumpet 1 purchase is for 2 bottles of Blue Juice valve oil 2 oz bottle size One of the most popular valve oils that we sell. Blue Juice has many great features besides its blueish Green color. Blue Juice Valve Oil is also light, fast, and a refined petroleum product that's especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument...

C.G. CONN Alto Saxophone Chu Berry Nickel Silver USED - [musician gear garage] C.G. CONN Alto Saxophone Chu Berry Nickel Silver USED - [musician gear garage]

C.G. CONN Alto Saxophone Chu Berry Nickel Silver USED

$1,299.95 $949.95

CONN Alto Saxophone Chu Berry Nickel Silver plated* All new pads throughout with plastic resonators* All new neck cork and new adjustment materials throughout* Micro tuner turns freely* Notes play well from High Palm F and all notes down to Low Bb* The aux back pad behind the Low D is corked shut to allow this sax to play with...

Eastman ETR-520S Trumpet Intermediate Upgrade Hand spun Bell Beautiful Engraving


Eastman ETR-520S  Silver Plated Trumpet Intermediate/Semi-Professional model Minor Silver plating wear on the #2 tuning slide, on the back bell bow (curve), and minor scratches throughout (see pictures) The trumpet has a minor ding on the back bell bow(curve) no major dents Hand Spun Bell per Eastman's original literature Beautiful Bell Engraving (see pictures) The trumpet was disassembled, full chemical...

Emerson USA Flute Open Hole Sterling Silver Head Joint C foot joint USED


Emerson USA Flute Open Hole  USED SN B5011XX  6 Sterling Silver (solid Silver) Head Joint Complete repad with all new skinned pads Minor Silver Plating wear on the  Foot Joint Tenon Receiver, top C key,Low F,F#,E,D keys. (see pictures) Minor Dings on Head Joint  Open Hole keys (plugs included to allow for an easier transition to this Open Hole keywork...

Emerson Flute EF-1 Elkhart Indiana Closed Hole offset G USED


Emerson Flute Elkhart Indiana Closed Hole offset G USED The flute was disassembled by our repair shop, any ripped pads were replaced with new, a new head cork was installed, the flute was reassembled,  and the keys were oiled and adjusted. Both octaves up to C3 play nicely with minimal required air support. All 3 Bb key fingerings also play...

Gemeinhardt 4PMH Piccolo USED 1/2 Flute all new pads plays nicely


Gemeinhardt 4PMH Piccolo USED complete disassembly, all-new yellow-skinned pads installed New head Cork installed aligned for proper intonation Silver-plated head joint plating in good condition with minor scratches Black plastic body Silver-plated keys keys adjusted and plays nicely both octaves  All 3 Bb key fingerings play well

Gemeinhardt M2 Flute Closed Hole USED Silver Plated Complete repad


Gemeinhardt M2 Flute  USED SN A94XXX Closed Hole Keys Silver Plated Head Joint, Foot Joint, Body tube and keys Dent free Complete repad using higher-end Black Composit pads for longer life and better moisture resistance, keys are well adjusted New cork in the Head Joint Play tested - All 3Bb, Low Eb-Low C#, and both Octaves from Low C up...

Getzen Trumpet 300 Series USED very nice condition very minor dings base of bell


Getzen Trumpet 300 Series USED very nice condition very minor dings at the base of the bell Gold Lacquer finish is as close to perfect as could be very minor scuffs (see pictures) Getzen case in excellent condition also, zippers and handles operate normal, no rips or visible stains Included: new bottle of valve oil and slide grease Original Getzen...

Hetman Synthetic Classic Piston Lubricant 3 Valve Oil


Trumpet Valve Oil Synthetic Valve Oil   Hetman Classic 3 Piston Lubricant Synthetic Synthetic protection for your classic instrument. Specially formulated oil helps to seal piston valves that exhibit greater than average clearance. Helps prevent valves from sticking 60ml bottle with dropper tip

Hetman Synthetic Heavy Key Oil Lubricant 18 Needle Oiler


  Synthetic Key Oil Rotor Oil Hetman Key Oil Heavy Saxophone Oil Clarinet Oil French Horn Oil Flute Oil Trombone Oil Hetman Key Oil – Heavy #18  A synthetic key lubricant engineered for instruments with worn actions and instruments that characteristically exhibit greater action tolerance. Quiets noisy keys and dampens sympathetic vibrations without slowing the instrument’s action. 30ml bottle with...

Hetman Synthetic Piston Lubricant 2 Valve Oil Trumpet Clear Synthetic 60ML


Trumpet Valve Oil  Hetman 2 Synthetic Valve Oil   Hetman Piston Lubricant maintains average clearance piston valves with a carefully formulated synthetic formula.All Hetman Musical Instrument Lubricants offer superior lubricating qualities, are longer-lasting than other lubricants, and are completely compatible with conventional petroleum-based lubricants, thereby avoiding potential gumming problems. The viscosity of each Hetman instrument lubricant is carefully formulated for...

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