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Alisyn Valve Slide Key Oil 1.0 oz


Alisyn Valve Slide Key Oil 1.0 oz   The oil is clean and clear and is stain resistant. It offers exceptional rust, friction, anti-wear protection. The oil remains on valve and slide surfaces, does not accumulate in the valve caps. The action on brass and woodwind instruments is smooth and quick. The oil remains serviceable at temperature ranges from -80...

Hetman Synthetic Heavy Key Oil Lubricant 18 Needle Oiler


  Synthetic Key Oil Rotor Oil Hetman Key Oil Heavy Saxophone Oil Clarinet Oil French Horn Oil Flute Oil Trombone Oil Hetman Key Oil – Heavy #18  A synthetic key lubricant engineered for instruments with worn actions and instruments that characteristically exhibit greater action tolerance. Quiets noisy keys and dampens sympathetic vibrations without slowing the instrument’s action. 30ml bottle with...

Musician Gear Garage Hetman 11 Light Key Oil Synthetic Bearing Stem Fast


  Synthetic Key Oil Needle Oiler Hetman Rotor Oil Needle Key Rotor Oil Spindle Oil Hetman Light Rotor Oil 11 Synthetic Lubricant Hetman Rotor Lubricant is for musical instrument rotors and valve casings. The formula improves valve seal and will not swell rubber valve bumpers. The included long-tipped precision needle oiler facilitates application of Hetman Rotor Lubricant through slide tubes.

Musician Gear Garage Hetman 16 Light Key Lubricant oil Synthetic dropper


  Hetman Key Oil Light Rotor Oil Light Woodwind Key oil Flute Oil Clarinbet Oil Saxophone Oil Spindle Oil    Hetman Key Oil – Light  A light viscosity synthetic lubricant formulated for instruments with close tolerance actions. Frees sticking keys by penetrating into hinge tubes. Provides for a smooth, quick action. 30ml bottle with dropper tip.

Superslick Alpha Synth Premium Synthetic Valve and Rotor Oil 2 oz 60mL Light Viscosity


Superslick Alpha Synth Light Viscosity Valve & Rotor Oil Superslick’s AlphaSynth Valve & Rotor Oil is the perfect balance between odorless high-quality synthetic lubricants and a synthetic solvent, blended to a light viscosity. This unique balance cleans the valve or rotor while lubricating so that the player can keep on playing! The lubricant also will not stain and has a...

Superslick Super Synth Synthetic Valve Oil Light Viscosity 2oz


Superslick Super-Synth Synthetic Valve Oil, Light Viscosity – 2 oz Superslick Super-Synth Valve Oil – A classic, light viscosity, synthetic valve Oil designed for long lasting, fast valve action. Clean valves before first use. Clear oval bottle with controlled dropper tip and cap, 2oz (60 mL) size.